Much has been written about the physical release of four million enslaved people, but few books speak to the people’ s emotional evolution—especially the women. CRECIE’ S struggles begin the day the Union army invades the South Carolina Sea Islands and “ frees” the slaves. Indoctrinated by four generations of enslavement, she faces unique challenges when pressed with the conflicting demands of newly arrived whites: the military, cotton collectors, and abolitionists.

James Denmark, world-renown artist, along with Tommy and Gracie Chandler at the Red Piano Art Gallery, St. Helena Island, South Carolina. Mr. Denmark graciously allowed his painting, The Goddess of Hope and Mercy, to be used as the cover for Gracie’s book, Free to Be. The Oil and Collage work was created as a part of the Hurricane Katrina Artist Relief Initiative.


(June 2015)

ISBN-10: 099618080X
ISBN-13: 978-0996180801

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